Discount Calculator

The term “discount” brings a lot of happiness to most of us. It catches our attention immediately. Why is it so?
Let’s understand what exactly discount means and how to easily calculate discount manually or with our Brainzig discount calculator.

What is a Discount?
A discount means deducting some amount from the actual price of the product or services. Generally, discounts are usually represented in percentages.
For example, if the item is to be sold 100 rupees and the shopkeeper gives it in 50 rupees, you have got a 50% discount.

Discounts are of different types:

  • Quantity discount
  • Trade discount
  • Promotional discounts
  • Cash discount
  • And many more

What is Discount Calculator?
A discount calculator is a simple tool used to calculate the price after discounting and also the saving that you will enjoy.
Using our Brainzig can be one of the simplest and the best options.
All you need to do is:

  • Type in the MRP price of any product or service
  • Enter the discount percentage you will be receiving it.
  • In the sale price, find the amount that you need to pay.

Isn’t it a great tool to do your calculation in no time? However, if you want to do it manually, there is a formula for it.

Discount Formula
The formula that you can use:

Sale price= Original price (1-(discount/100))
To simplify more, here is an example.
Imagine the cost of a watch is Rs.1000. It is available at a 20% discount, which means:
The amount that is minus from the original is 20*1000/100 = Rs.200
Therefore, the customer needs to pay only Rs. 800 and saves Rs. 200.

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